Once you’ve logged in to the ReMake platform, the first page to appear is the Welcome Dashboard - this is your homepage. 

Below are the key functions available on this page:

Home - navigate back to the homepage at any time by clicking the ReMake logo. 

Menu Bar -  use the menu bar to navigate the rest of the platform: 

  • Dashboard - click to see an overview of recent campaigns and ReMakes created.

  • Campaigns - click to view all campaigns in the platform. This is also accessible by clicking on the recent campaigns View All button on your dashboard.

  • Originals - click to view all original videos in the platform.

  • ReMakes - click to view all ReMakes in the platform. Also accessible by clicking on the recent ReMakes View All button. 

  • Account - click to view and amend account information. 

Notifications - click to view created ReMakes. The number icon appears for any recently created ReMakes. Click VIEW to go through to the new ReMake. Mark all as read or Clear all to remove the notifications. 

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