Offices, territories, you name it, can all be defined together and grouped into Teams; to share privileges and access to the same campaigns. 


Campaigns can be set up to help you categorise all your original assets and ReMakes, however you see fit.


An Original is a video asset uploaded to the ReMake platform that has been optimised ready for ReMaking. 


A ReMake is your adaptation of the Original video asset; modified with new text/imagery within the ReMake platform. 


This is your homepage and main overview of your recent campaigns and ReMakes. 


This is the name you’ll give your ReMake. 

Character limit

When original assets are set up there is the option to set a limit on the number of characters for each editable area in a ReMake.


Click this to save any changes to a ReMake edit.


When a new video is created using the original template, the output of a render is your new ReMake. 


The order in which ReMakes are rendered; it’s possible to Add to Queue to add a new ReMake ready to render, 


Click this button to create a duplicate of the first ReMake created. 

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