Media such as MP4s, MP3s and PNGs can also be added to your ReMake video, via the editable fields. 

Simply navigate to your chosen section (as per the image below), click Choose file and select the asset you wish to embed.

Note: assets should be prepared to the same specifications as the original video, image or audio before uploading to get the best results. You can view our how-to guide on how best to prepare media assets here.

Image Resize

When selecting a replacement image file there are now options to resize your replacement image if you desire.

Choose to either keep the original image size of the replacement image or crop the image to better fit your design.  It's important to be aware that the canvas size on your original asset will not change. Any resizing of your content or crop of your replacement image will always maintain the original canvas. 

Once a replacement image is chosen, ReMake will automatically display the changes to your asset. For guidelines on how to prepare replacement images, please click here.  

And that’s all there is to it.

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