Once a ReMake is created, it’s possible to go back and edit/duplicate it, if multiple versions or changes are required. 

To do this, navigate to your campaign and chosen ReMake, and click Edit. This will take you back to the main editing screen of the selected ReMake. 

Next, go ahead and make your required changes, before clicking the Update button on the last marker screen. Note: If you don’t make any changes, this button will remain unclickable. 

From here you have two options, you can either click Add to Queue and render the same asset again, this will replace the current ReMake version. OR If you wish to save an alternate ReMake and keep the existing version as it is, click Edit on the ReMake, followed by the Duplicate button, and follow the same process you normally would to create a ReMake.

To rename your ReMake, simply click the edit icon at the top of the editing screen. 

Once amended, click the save icon and remember to hit the Update button to save all changes. 

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