To start, select Campaigns in the menu bar. You can select the campaign you want to create a ReMake for by clicking View Campaign under the campaign thumbnail.

Once you have located and opened your campaign, press the plus icon. 

Then, choose Video from the following two options.

Now enter in the name for your Original asset. 

Next, drag and drop the collected project zip into the Master File section. Enter in your Master Folder Name (this can be changed later on) and then click Add Files.

Select the composition you want to be able to version from your project file and click Continue.

Now select which layers from your AEP you want to be visible and editable when you begin versioning your ReMakes. This can be text, video, audio and image layers. Click Continue.

The next screen you will see is all pre-filled from your Project file. 

It's completely possible to alter all of the following:

  • Prefix ReMake with Original - Tick or untick to choose whether to add the original name to the start of all future ReMakes created as part of the file name.
  • Friendly name - It's possible to alter the prompts a ReMake will see editable fields to make it more identifiable for the end-user creating ReMakes, if not changed it will default to the After Effects project layer name.
  • Min and Max Characters - Control the number of characters a user can enter each text field when versioning the original content.
  • Timecontrol what screenshot of your original video will display on the ReMake version screen when the end-user begins versioning any new ReMakes, each layer detected by ReMake is assigned a time marker and is numbered on the versioning screen, we call these number nodes (like the illustration below). This feature is auto-detected at the point the After Effects layer starts in the composition. Due to possible masking/opacity/effects etc your After Effects layer may appear later in the composition than intended, for that reason, it may be beneficial to double-check the time applied to each node to ensure they appear where you intend them to, making changes to the time will help display a different part of the video to help prompt your end-user

Number Nodes

Finally, click Save, and your new video will now be available to Create a ReMake.

If you need to go back and make any adjustments to your ingested file, simply hover over the original asset and click edit