It's possible to perform a variety of multi-selection options on ReMake.

Navigate to your ReMakes page on the ReMake menu. Or alternatively, visit the desired Campaign if all of your content is situated in the one campaign folder. 

Before selecting ReMakes for multi-action, It may be useful to use the sort and filters in the top menu to find relevant content. 

  • Type of ReMake - sort by images, videos, or All.
  • Sort By - Alphabetically by name or published date (the date the content was rendered).
  • Filter- Sort by the content status of either: 
    • Draft a new ReMake has been saved but not added to the queue to render. 
    • Rendered a ReMake has been added to the queue and saved with a watermark. 
    • Approved a ReMake has been created, rendered, and approved ready to share.  

To start a multi-action, click on the square icon in the top left corner of any ReMake, select as many as you need.  It's also possible to select all of the ReMakes in the top menu by clicking Select All. 

Once the ReMakes are selected, a new option is added to the top menu called Bulk Actions. 

Depending on the content status of those selected it's possible to perform the following actions:

Delete - Any content selected can be deleted from the platform permanently

Approve - Any content selected that has a rendered status can be approved.

Share - Any approved content can be shared. 

In each case, a lightbox will appear to confirm the action being taken.

If content selected has a variety of content statuses, i.e if a draft and approved ReMakes are selected together, the only shared possible action would be to delete. 

Bulk Share Your Content

When selecting the bulk share option, there are some further steps required to access your approved content. 

Select your approved content, click Bulk Actions and Share.  

A lightbox will appear to confirm the action.

Click Send to proceed. 

Once complete an option to copy to clipboard Or download the files will be available. 

You will also receive a message in the notification centre. 

It's also possible to bulk download a set of approved PNG assets from the preview page, simply click on the preview icon on your desired reMake, select PNG, and if there is more than one asset available you can click the All option.

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